the amazon basin
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A rise in eco-tourism means that many jungle areas are more accessible than ever before.


The best time to visit the Amazon Basin is during the dry season - May to November. Outside of this time substantial flooding is likely causing many areas of jungle (and lodges) to become unreachable. Water levels can increase from 25 feet to more than 50 feet between December and May.

Getting there
There are airports at the regions three main cities (Belém, Manaus and Iquitos). These are reached via internal flights from larger airports such as Lima in Peru and Bogota in Columbia.

Internal transport
Various types of boat are the main method of transport - canoes, motor launches and larger cruise boats. Light aircraft are also used to reach some areas.

Tour operators
There are many travel operators offering scheduled tours of different parts of Amazonia. These range from river cruises to jungle trekking with accommodation in lodges. Follow the links below for details.